2018 Caucus

Your Republican friends and neighbors welcome your participation in our precinct caucuses tomorrow evening, February 6.  Now is the time to help decide who will speak for you on local issues and chart the direction of Minnesota.  Please don’t sit on the sidelines. The future of our Party and the Nation belongs to those who show up.  

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
6:15 pm Registration opens
7:00 pm Caucuses convene
Please plan to be in your precinct’s classroom and registered before 7:00 pm so that the work of the your caucus can go smoothly.You don’t need to be registered, but you need to be eligible to vote. You must be 18 years old or older on Election Day, November 6, 2018, live in the precinct in which you are caucusing and agree with the principles of the Republican Party.

What are the objectives of the 2018 Republican caucuses?

  • Elect Precinct officers
  • Elect Precinct delegates and alternates to the Senate District 44 convention
  • Learn who is running for local and state offices
  • Vote in a straw poll for Republican candidates for Minnesota governor
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer
  • Amend the state party platform
You have to be present to participate.  You cannot drop by and vote.  Your neighbor cannot vote for you. Be a meaningful part of the process.  Get involved, get organized, and get engaged in promoting Republican values in our state and local communities!