SD44 April 24, 2018 Special Convention Agenda and Rules

Republican Party of Senate District 44

2018 House District 44B Endorsing Convention

April 24, 2018


  1.     Call to order


  1.     Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Invocation


  1. Announcement about meeting of the Nominations Committee


  1. Reading of the official call of the Convention


  1. Nomination and election of Temporary Chair


  1. Motion authorizing Temporary Chair to appoint: secretary, parliamentarian, Sergeant at arms, election judges, tellers and Convention committees


  1.     Preliminary report of the Credentials Committee


  1.     Motion to make temporary organization permanent


  1.   Discussion and adoption of portions of Rules Committee report providing for registration and filling of vacancies in delegations


  1.   Filling of vacancies in delegations


  1.   Discussion and adoption of the balance of the rules


  1. Final report of the Credentials Committee


  1. Endorsement for House District 44B
  2.   Report of the Nominations Committee.
  3.   Balloting


  1.   Other business


  1.   Adjournment



2018 House District 44B Republican Convention

April 24, 2018




  1. The order of business of this Convention shall be as listed in the official agenda of the Convention, subject to the discretion of the presiding Chair.


  1. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority on all points not covered by the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota, the Statutes of the State of Minnesota, the Official Convention Call of the Convention, or the Rules adopted by this Convention.


  1. A quorum shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of the duly elected total number of delegates registered for the Convention as given in the preliminary report of the Credentials Committee, and shall be superseded by a majority of the duly elected total number of delegates and seated alternates as given in the final report of the Credentials Committee.  Once a quorum of 50% of the delegates seated in this Convention has been established, there shall be no further question as to the quorum.


  1. Registration shall close one-half hour after the Convention has been called to order.


  1. These rules shall not be amended or suspended except by a two-thirds vote of the Convention delegates and seated alternates established by the final report of the Credentials Committee.




  1. The permanent roll of the Convention shall be constituted as follows:


  1. The list of elected delegates of each precinct, who have duly registered in accordance with the Call of the Convention, and are actually present.


  1. If any duly elected delegate to this Convention is absent, then a duly elected alternate who has duly registered in accordance with Call of the Convention from that precinct shall be seated in their stead.


  1. If no duly elected and registered delegates or alternates from a precinct are present, that precinct shall have no representation.


  1. When a registered delegate leaves the floor of the Convention, then a registered alternate from that precinct may be seated.  When such registered delegate returns to the floor of the Convention, they shall be immediately re-seated and any alternate who replaced that delegate shall be unseated until needed again.


  1. The order of seating of alternates shall be as follows:


(1) If the alternate vote count from the precinct caucus is available, alternates shall be seated in order of the votes received.


(2) If no priority of alternates has been established by the precinct the Precinct Chair shall determine the order of seating.


(3)  If no delegates are present and seated, the SD44 Chair or Executive Committee member designated by the Chair shall fill the vacancy.


  1. The voting strength of each precinct shall be the number of delegates and seated alternates present on the floor.
  2. The Credentials Committee shall report any changes in the delegations prior to election of officers or delegates or when requested by the Chair.


  1. No delegate or alternate shall be permitted to register with the Credentials Committee after the cutoff time in the Convention Call one-half hour after the Convention has been called to order, to permit the Credentials Committee to prepare the final report of that Committee.




  1. A delegate or seated alternate wishing to speak shall rise, address the Convention Chair, and state his /her name and precinct, and the purpose for which he/she rises.  All motions, questions, speeches, points of privilege or points of information must be directed through the Convention Chair.


  1. Debate on any motion or subject shall be limited to one (1) minute by each speaker.  No person shall be allowed to speak more than once upon the same subject, except that the Convention Chair may recognize a committee representative presenting a report for clarification or response to questions from the floor. At least two speakers on each side of a question shall be afforded the opportunity to speak to on an issue before a call for the question or a motion to table shall be in order.


  1. The Convention Chair shall appoint a timekeeper for the purpose of timing discussion, debate, and speeches during the Convention.


  1. The Convention Chair at any time may suspend the agenda to permit any office holder, candidate, or distinguished guest to address the Convention for a period not to exceed five (5) minutes.




  1. There shall be no voting under the unit rule at this Convention.


  1. Only delegates and seated alternates registered and present at this Convention shall be permitted to vote.


  1. The vote on all questions shall be by acclamation voice vote subject to the following restrictions:


  1. A rising vote or division of the house shall be taken if requested by any delegate, at the discretion of the Convention Chair.


  1. A roll call vote by precinct shall be taken if requested by ten or more precinct delegates.


  1. Voting for officers, for delegates and alternates, and for endorsement of candidates shall be by secret ballot for all contested elections.


  1. If there is a dispute as to the vote of any precinct, the Convention Chair shall appoint a judge and two tellers to canvass the vote of said precinct, and the judge shall report the same to the Convention.


  1. No second shall be required to a motion to adopt the majority report of any committee.  A minority report of any committee may be offered for substitution for the majority report if signed by three committee members.


  1. When the previous question has been ordered on any proposition on which there has been no debate, it shall be in order before the final vote has been taken to debate the proposition for three minutes, with one-half of that time allotted to those in favor and one-half to those in opposition to the proposition.  The same right of debate shall be allowed whenever a motion to lay on the table has been made on any proposition on which there has been no debate.


  1. Any delegate may bring a motion to close further motions on any particular item of business before the convention.  If such motion is carried by a majority vote of the delegates and seated alternates present, the Convention Chair shall move on to the next order of business.  


  1. In the event of balloting by written secret ballot is selected the following shall be followed:


    1. The ballots cast by Members from each precinct delegates and seated alternates shall be collected by a Precinct Chair or acting Precinct Chair and given to the tellers.  The number of ballots cast by a precinct must be verified by the tellers and any discrepancies announced by Convention Chair before the ballots are commingled for tabulation.


    1. If there is a dispute about the number of ballots cast by any precinct, a challenge must be made before the ballots from that precinct are placed with others for tabulation.  Upon such a challenge, the Convention Chair shall appoint a special judge and a special teller to count the ballots cast by the precinct. The Members delegates and seated alternates of the precinct will be required to vote again if there is a discrepancy between the original count and the votes allotted to that precinct.


    1. The Head Teller shall report to Convention Chair the vote totals for each nominee or resolution of the written ballot.  The Convention Chair shall announce the results to the Convention.




  1. The endorsement process shall be in accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota.


  1. Voting on a candidate for endorsement for an office shall be by secret ballot.  The convention may decide by two-thirds vote to endorse by a rising vote for an office for which there is only one candidate.


  1. Prior to the nomination of candidates to endorse, consideration of a motion to endorse or not endorse for that office shall be in order from the floor.  This motion may be made only once before a round of balloting begins.


  1. A total of 5 minutes shall be allocated for the nomination, seconding and candidate speeches for each candidate nominated.


  1. If the office sought by the candidate is legally partisan, the candidate, prior to being considered for a pre-primary endorsement, must agree that if he/she receives the endorsement, to seek the office as a Republican.


  1. Only those delegates and seated alternates residing in the candidate’s House District may vote on his/her endorsement.


  1. When there are more than two candidates seeking an endorsement, any candidate who receive 10% or less of the ballots cast shall be eliminated from subsequent ballots.


  1. Any candidate who receives, by secret ballot, an affirmative vote of 60% of the voting strength of the delegates and seated alternates as determined by the number of valid ballots cast shall be considered endorsed.


  1. In the event that two ballots have been cast and candidates remain for consideration and there is no candidate who has received 60% of the vote as provided herein, then each of the remaining candidates shall have an additional three minutes to address the Convention, to be used by the candidate or his/her designee may see fit prior to the next ballot.


  1. If no candidate has attained a vote of 60% after four rounds of balloting, no candidate shall be endorsed for that office.




  1. All invited guests, uninvited guests and members of the press are required to:
  1. Register their attendance at the cashier’s desk by the door immediately upon arrival.
  2. Registration shall constitute printing name, address, telephone and the entity represented on the designated form at the registration desk.
  3. Press members shall confirm their registration by displaying their credentials at the registration desk.
  4. Guests shall conspicuously display a badge indicating their name and the entity they represent.
  5. Guests shall stay in the designated guest area, shall not vote or speak during votes, refrain from making noise, attracting attention, or otherwise disrupting the Convention.  
  6. Any person or persons that disrupt the Convention are trespassers and may be ejected by any legal means.
  7. Guests and members of the press shall not be permitted to use recording devices or cameras in the Convention hall, except as permitted by the convention Chair.  
  8. All cell phones, pagers, recorders, computers, cameras and any other such electronic device shall be turned off and inoperative, or rendered silent after the Convention is convened and until adjournment.  If the use of such device disrupts proceedings the responsible person may be ejected at the sole discretion of the convention Chair.
  9. Entry into the Convention constitutes the attendee’s consent to be bound by all rules of decorum, Convention rules, or the proposed rules until the rules are adopted.


  1. The Convention Chair may speak from the podium as presiding officer at any time to provide the Convention with relevant procedural information and to discharge his/her duties as presiding officer of the Convention.  The Convention Chair may at any time appoint a member of the Executive Committee to serve as Acting Convention Chair, should the Convention Chair choose to speak on behalf of or against an issue before the body. The Convention Chair shall reassume the position of presiding officer at any time on his/her own authority.


  1. The Convention Chair shall adjourn the Convention at the conclusion of the business as determined by him/her and by a vote of the Convention.