2020 SD44 Convention Results

Senate District 44 Republicans Announcement
Senate Candidate Endorsed!

At the Senate District 44 Republicans convention on Thursday, April 9,
the convention delegates voted to endorse Greg Pulles as the Republican
candidate for Senator for Senate District 44.  We congratulate Greg on
receiving the convention delegates’ endorsement; and we look forward to
all of us supporting him in the November election!

To learn more about Greg, please visit his website at


The Executive Committee
Senate District 44 Republican Party of Minnesota

Below, you will find a list of elected delegates from SD44 for the CD3 and State Conventions via teleconference.

Alex Kharam
Alise McGregor
Beth Anderson
Carol J. Wegner
Charles Brusven
Daniel Reiff
David Kyllo
Donald H Westfall
Douglas Schroeder
Edward L. Gross Jr
Erik Aamoth
George Wegner
Heather Mestad
Heidi E. Colburn
Jean Nouis
Jeanette Purcell
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Thiemann
Jim Schultz
Jim Unterseher
Joanne Schroeder
John J. Alexander
Joseph Jacobs
Joshua L Colburn
Julie Ann Schmidt
Kathy Burkett
Mark Glen Dillon
Mary Sather
Patti Meier
Paul Thomas Anderson
Perry Nouis
Rolf Erickson
Steve Leventhal
Terri Nelson
Tim Cassidy
Timothy L Oberg
Tracy Sterk
Vivianne S Oberg
William C. Kwasny