SD44 Teleconference Convention April 9th

Pursuant to Article VIII of the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution, and special orders adopted by the State Executive Committee, a convention for SD 44 is hereby called to meet:

Via: Teleconference on April 9, 2020, convening at 7:00 PM. Registration will close 24 hours before the start of the convention.

The 2020 SD 44 Convention shall be composed of delegates and alternates elected at the 2020 Precinct Caucus residing within the boundaries of SD 44.

The Convention shall be held for the purpose of:

1.  Report of the Nominating Committee for the election of Delegates and Alternates to State and Congressional District Conventions  Qty: 39.
2.  Endorsement for Legislative Districts encompassed entirely within the BPOU not including any precincts from a neighboring BPOU, AND only if uncontested
3.  Consideration of resolutions committee report

The BPOU Executive Committee with the assistance of State Party staff as needed shall serve as the nominating committee. All nominations must be received three (3) days prior to the convention date above.

To be nominated and eligible to run for Delegate to State and Congressional District you must return the self-nomination form, use this online form, or contact your BPOU at least 3 days prior to your convention. Nominations from the floor will not be allowed. More instructions are on the forms.

Meeting documents including proposed rules, instructions, delegate nominations, resolutions, and an agenda will be available on the state party website and updated frequently. Please make sure to find your BPOU’s specific documents.

We are encouraging individuals to register online if at all possible.

  • Your Eventbrite link to register can be found here.
  • Your personalized pre-registration code can be found in your personal convention call instructions from the Republican Party of MN.

When registering, please include the phone number for which you will be calling in from, and indicate whether you need a printed ballot mailed so you can vote for State and Congressional District Delegates.

You can find instructions on how to participate via computer, cellphone, or landline here. The Convention will open 30 minutes before the start. Please join at least 5 minutes before the start time to help with the credentialing process.

Again, check your email from the Republican Party of MN for login information.

** If you have any questions or to expedite the process you may call State Party Staff to register over the phone.  Please contact Jennifer @ 612-916-4668.

If registering by mail, contact MNGOP State Party Staff to receive a paper call.

Registrations must be received by the deadline to be able to seated for the convention. Cost is $5.