SD44 MN House Reps Endorsed

The Executive Board of the Republican Party of SD44 is proud to announce the results from the Thursday July 30th, 2020 online special convention.

The convening body voted unanimously to endorse Perry Nouis for MN House Rep in SD44-A and Gary Porter for MN House Rep in SD44-B.

More can be found at each of their websites linked below, but here is a brief background on each candidate.

Gary Porter – SD44 B MN House Candidate

Gary put up a great effort in 44B in 2018 despite being new to the district and lacking large fundraising connections. He wasn’t sure he was going to run again in 2020, but the political climate drew him back into the fray.

Gary was a small business owner in North Dakota and very active in politics even serving as the Chairman and Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party from 1995 to 1999.

Learn more about Gary here:

Perry Nouis – SD44 A MN House Candidate

Perry Nouis (pronounced “New-iss” or “Lewis with an N”) is new to Plymouth and SD44, but not new to MN politics. Perry spent 24 years of service in both the Army and Air Force and co-owned a veterans care facility in his home town of Little Falls.

He’s worked on campaigns at both the local and national level and is excited about serving the people of SD44.

Learn more about Perry here: