SD42 Convention Results – Delegate and Alternate Rankings

Thank you to all those who attended the first SD42 Convention. Below is the list of Delegates and Alternates the new SD42 will be sending to the CD3 Convention. The 2022 CD3 Convention takes place Saturday, April 23 at Wayzata Senior High School – 4955 Peony Lane North. More information will be posted in April here:

Here is the list of Delegates and Alternates, with the Alternates in order of rank:

D – Sarah Anderson

D – Paul Anderson

D – Kathy Burkett

D – James Constantineau

D – Katie Forster

D – Patrick Johnson

D – Bryan Kubes

D – Jeff Kulaszewicz

D – William Kwasney

D – David Kyllo

D – Patrick Magnusson

D – Cole Mathisen

D – Patti Meier

D – Terri Nelson

D – Barb Novak

D – Steve Novak

D – Judy Peterson

D – Jeanette Purcell

D – Daniel Reiff

D – Lori  Schneiderhan

D – James Unterseher

D – Jeffrey Vold

D – Mitchell Wagner

D – Kenneth Wagner

D – Maddie Wallace

D – Carol Wegner

D – Cynthia Weiler

D – Tom Weiler


A-1- Suzanne Nordstrom

A-2 – George Wegner

A-3 – Amy Walstien

A-4 – Melody Brinkley

A-5 – Julie Ann Schmidt

A-6 – Nancy Vold

A-7 – Duane Bequette

A-8 – Leesa Bequette

A-9 – Timothy Haley

A-10 – Loras Holmberg

A-11 – Landon Wallace

A-12 – Glen Norton

A-13 – Jennifer Rowe

A-14 – Karla Haley

A-15 – Nicholas Schwarzrock

A-16 – Alexandra Schwarzrock

A-17 – Ryan Dobie

A-18 – Eugene Kelly

A-19 – Dana Burkinshaw

A-20 – John Randall

A-21 – Dan Leverentz

A-22 – Matthew Melander

A-23 – Jim McLeish

A-24 – Lory Taylor

A-25 – Thomas Cleland

A-26 – Tom Guyette

A-27 – Ryan Wilson

A-28 – Martin Wingard

A-29 – Constance Putnam

A-30 – Stanley Hamilton

A-31 – Melinda Ackerman

A-32 – David Nyce

A-33 – Bob Hiben

A-34 – Ken Tolzmann

A-35 – Victoria Bleise

A-36 – Ryan Moseman

A-37 – Jean Mersch

A-38 – Jacob Moroshek

A-39 – Blake Schroepfer

Please let us know if you have any questions.

SD42 BPOU Executive Committee

Chair– David Kyllo

Deputy Chair– Carol Wegner

Treasurer– Jeff   Kulaszewicz

Secretary– Barb Novak

Vice Chair (A)– Kathy Burkett

Vice Chair (A)– Cole Mathisen

Vice Chair (A)– Jim Unterseher

Vice Chair (B)- Dana Burkinshaw

Vice Chair (B)- Glen Norton

Vice Chair (B)- Steve Novak