Get Involved

Send us an email to and let us know which campaign you’d like to help and which activities you’d like to you’d like to participate in:

  • Fair Booth/Promotional Events
  • General Clerical
  • Work on local or statewide campaign
  • Voter ID (door knocking or phone calls)
  • Literature Drop
  • Lawn Sign Placement
  • Get out the Vote Phone Bank
  • Fundraising



ACTION ITEM 1 – Agree to sign Op-ed to local daily paper

#1 – Commentaries or Opinion Editorials (“Op-Ed’s”) – These are longer pieces, usually 500 to 750 words. Our goal is to have op-eds submitted to every daily paper in the state. We can help write these pieces.

ACTION ITEM 2 – Write letters to the editor

#2 – Letters to the Editor – An old standby, but still an effective way to communicate a grassroots message. Letters are usually about 200 to 250 words long – or less. We need letters to the editor being submitted to every daily and weekly newspaper in the state. And not just one letter, but many letters. For suggested letter writing points go to the Letters to the Editor section of the party website. Please let us know if letters are printed so that we can track your success.

Here are the e-mail links to our local papers. In most cases, you can submit your letter via e-mail or by copying it into an online form:

Newspaper Editor Deadline Email Address
Minnetonka Sun-Sailor Marc Ingber, Minnetonka-Hopkins Community Editor 5:00 pm Thursday before the Thursday publication date Use the online form – Specify letter should print in Minnetonka
Lakeshore Weekly News Brett Stursa, Editor 5:00 pm Wednesday before the Tuesday publication date
Minneapolis Star-Tribune Use the online form

ACTION ITEM 3 – Article comments.

#3 – Article Comments Sections – Many newspapers around the state now allow readers to leave comments about the stories of the day (notably the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, but so do most of the larger dailies across the state). We need conservatives to comment on these sections so we are not drowned out by Democrats. This is an easy thing to do and it is important we provide balance so that people who read these comments do not see them as being all one-sided. Make your comments about the issue; don’t lower yourself into personal negative attacks even in response to insults. Debate issues, not personal motivation or personality.

Social Media
Social media are of growing importance in getting our message out — especially to a younger demographic that will bear the real pain of Democrat tax and spend policies.

ACTION ITEM 4 -Push our message via Facebook

We would like to encourage you to be even more active on social media sites. Use your Facebook Status to push the GOP message to your Facebook Friends and encourage them to spread the message. Also “share” GOP talking points, etc. using your Facebook account.

For example:

“Why is Mark Dayton more concerned about the size of the budget instead of whether or not the policies we’ve been spending money on actually help people? Hint: They don’t.”

“If hiring more government employees and more people to work on government-funded projects is all it takes to create jobs, why not have the government employ everyone at a livable wage? Maybe because government can’t create wealth?”

“If more money is the answer to the achievement gap, can Gov. Dayton tell us how much more? The GOP budget addresses necessary education reforms.”

ACTION ITEM 5 -Tweet the party message and/or sign up for Twitter

For those on Twitter, please follow the Party account (@mngop) and  “retweet” what we are saying or take it and make it your own. Also look to your legislators for ideas for “tweets”. Social media is one of our main tools for sharing information; if you are not on Twitter please consider signing up today. Contact Heather Rubash at the state office if you need help setting up an account ( Please add a “hashtag” (i.e. #mngop) if space permits as it widens the reach of what you are tweeting about.

Here are some examples of tweets:
“Dayton vetoed tax relief for Minnesota’s 506,000 married joint filers who now have to pay the marriage penalty tax #mnleg #mdayton

“Dayton vetoed income tax relief for Military veterans and prop tax relief for disabled veterans and surviving spouses #mnleg

“We’re not trying to cut govt for govt’s sake, we trying to make govt more efficient & more user friendly”

ACTION ITEM 6 – Monitor and call in to local talk radio shows.

Take the talking points that are a part of this memo and use them to call into talk radio. It’s important that we use every avenue open to us to influence public opinion and often times we take talk radio for granted. We need to concentrate on middle of the road and liberal outlets such as WCCO-AM and Public Radio (several MPR shows, such as Kerri Miller’s and invite callers – it is important that the debate on these programs not be so one sided).

ACTION ITEM 7 – Become a Precinct Officer.

The grassroots of the party, precinct officers are key to getting the word out to voters and keeping volunteers informed.

ACTION ITEM 8 – Volunteer.

Winning campaigns are successful because of strong support at the grassroots level. Even a little bit of help at the grassroots level will have powerful implications all the way up to the national level.

We’d enjoy your company to help us put out mailings and all the many other activities that it takes to put together a winning campaign. Election judges and poll watchers are needed to make sure that elections continue to be fair and honest. Calling up other identified Republicans just before an election has proven crucial in close races. Even if you can offer a sign location — anything you can do would be appreciated.